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Welcome to my official website!

Thanks for stopping by. My debut novel, Protector, will be out in a few weeks. You can get a feel for what is to come with the short stories collection, The Condition Series Vol. 1, 
available now. There's lots to see here, mostly fun stuff about me and my stories.
Take a look around. Be sure to check back for the Protector cover reveal and release date.  

~ Protector ~


Veronica Farrell is a young, successful American businesswoman who blends in easily with London’s hip, millennial crowd.


At least, that’s what she wants you to believe.


She’s actually an eighty-nine year old woman who was born into a secret society of Clans whose members are bound by a remarkable affliction—they stop aging by the time they turn thirty.


Veronica is completely devoted to the Clans, willing to die for their survival. When she meets Jude, a mysterious Clan member from her past, their immediate and profound attraction blindsides her, and she allows herself to fall in love with him. Jude doesn’t fit into her world, however. He turned his back on the Clans years ago.


Veronica knows she’ll eventually have to choose, and she desperately tries to avoid the inevitable, but time runs out when the fate of the Clans comes into play.


Will she abandon her life’s work for a peaceful existence that has always eluded her, or will she stay on point and risk losing her soul in the process?


Protector is a sexy, suspenseful, unconventional love story set in a violent shadow world that is defined by paranoia and deception.


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Cover design by 
Rachel Van Blankenship

The Condition Series Vol. 1 


This collection of short stories introduces the secret society that exists inside the pages of Protector, the upcoming romantic suspense novel by Elaine Gonzales.


Imagine what your life would be like if you stopped aging by your thirtieth birthday. Now, imagine you had to keep it secret.


Meet Tracie, William, and Rory. Their stories will take you into 

a clandestine world where those afflicted with this unique condition live extraordinary, and unsettling, lives.

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the world of PROTECTOR

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