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I always knew I had a story to tell. Countless sagas played out in my mind over the years. Yet, somewhere along the way, the desire to share them slipped away from me.


Life happened and it became a dream. But the stories never left me.


Time passed swiftly, or so it seemed, before one particular story stood out from the rest. The scenes flowed effortlessly from one to another. I couldn’t contain it.


The desire returned with a vengeance, as if it had been lying in wait for this story to emerge.


Suddenly, it didn’t seem so far fetched.


Dreams can come true.


Protector is my first novel.


*  *  *


I was born and raised in Arizona. I moved around quite a bit when I was younger, but my home will always be in the desert southwest.


I graduated from the University of Arizona with a journalism degree and worked at The Arizona Republic for 17 years and Gannett Design Studio for an additional six years.


I'm an insane sports enthusiast, pop culture/news junkie, and an unapologetic fan girl.

If you want a peek into my madness, follow me on social media.

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