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First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceStereophonics w/Jools Holland Orchestra

The Soundtrack

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Bonus track

Don't ask me

What you know is true

Don't have to tell you

I love your precious heart


I was standing

You were there

Two worlds collided

And they could never tear us apart


We could live

For a thousand years

But if I hurt you

I'd make wine from your tears


I told you

That we could fly

'Cause we all have wings

But some of us don't know why


I was standing

You were there

Two worlds collided

And they could never ever tear us apart

The fan cast

The Scene

Veronica Eva Green

Jude Aidan Turner

James McNair Colin Farrell

Evie Emily Blunt

Noah Taylor Kitsch

Marshall Charlie Hunnam

Colin Stuart Townsend

Charlie Simon Pegg

Benedict Tom Hardy

Stuart Reeve Carney

Chris Farrell Scoot McNairy

Celine Farrell Sophie Marceau

Veronica and Jude fall in love at the Radisson Blu. Was it fate, luck or something else?

Protector quotes

Bristol, England A beautiful setting for a dark narrative.

Sometimes you never forget a face.

An unexpected encounter leaves an indelible impression.

Dublin, Ireland Jude had forsaken his home long ago.

She never thought her life was extraordinary.

He looked exactly the same. Yum!

Veronica wasn't used to feeling so ... normal.

Fear and paranoia are a way of life for them.

He was unprepared for the events about to take place.

Her feelings for him began tormenting her.

He loved her, no matter what.

Dire consequences in Belfast.